vtk_flexlm_monitor [OPTIONS] [TAG/]lmFeature [vovResource [vovMap]]

Declare a FLEXlm feature to be monitored.

The first argument is the name of the FLEXlm feature
The feature may be tagged or untagged.  An example of tagged feature is "SNPS/VCSRuntime_Net",
while the untagged version would be "VCSRuntime_Net"

The second argument (optional) is the name of the VOV resource
corresponding to the FLEXlm feature. By default,
the vovResource is the same as the lmFeature with the prefix License:.

The third argument (optional) is the map for the resource. By default
the map is empty.

By default, if TAG is not specified, all tags that have
the named feature are aggregated.  This can be changed
by the following options.


 -excludetags 	list-of-tags-to-exclude
 -includetags 	same as -tags below
 -tags        	list-of-tags-to-include
 -order       	order-of-tags
 -noooq                  -- Disable Out-Of-Queue computation


vtk_flexlm_monitor_all [options]

Monitor multiple FLEXlm features, using data from Monitor.
The default action with no options is to create resourcemaps
for all features monitored by Monitor.
Use this procedure with caution, because it may suddenly add
thousands of resource maps to your project.


  -daemon <host:port>  Specify host:port for Monitor.
  -fproc  <procname>   Name of procedure to filter tagged features.
  -rproc  <procname>   Name of procedure to map feature names to resource names.
  -mproc  <procname>   Name of proc to map feature names to resourcemap right-hand-side.
  -tag    <tagname>    Append to list of tags to search; default is all tags.
  -tags   <list>       As above 
  -If     <regexp>     Append regexp to list of feature include patterns.
  -Xf     <regexp>     Append regexp to list of feature exclude patterns.
  -It     <regexp>     Append regexp to list of tag include patterns.
  -Xt     <regexp>     Append regexp to list of tag exclude patterns.
  -order  <list of tags> Specify partial order between tags. May be repeated.
  -sum1                Even if there is only one tag for a feature, use the sum operation.

Number of features monitored


vtk_flexlm_overbook lmFeature OPTIONS


 -factor f        -- Control boost. Default 1.0
 -thresh t        -- The fraction of the total above which overbooking is activated. Default 0.9
 -headroom int    -- How many FLEXlm licenses to leave alone.
 -queued int      -- How many FLEXlm licenses can be queued (above this, overbooking stops).
 -enable bool     -- Set to 0 to just print what overbooking would do
 -verbose bool    -- Set to 1 to print more info about the overbooking operation