Queue Selection

There may be multiple instances of Accelerator Plus running at a given site. You choose which one to use with the variable NC_QUEUE, which by the way is the same variable also used to select the instance of Accelerator.

If you want to use the default Accelerator Plus queue (i.e. "wx"), use:
% unsetenv NC_QUEUE
% wx cmd vsi
...output about the default wx queue ... 
To use a different queue, for example one called "mywx", use:
% setenv NC_QUEUE mywx
% wx cmd vsi
...output about the  mywx queue ... 

It is also possible to override the value of NC_QUEUE by using the -q option with the wx command:

% wx -q mywx hosts
% wx -q wx hosts

Alternatively, you can use the NC_QUEUE variable to refer to the setup.tcl file in the SWD directory of the desired Accelerator Plus instance. This method avoids the use of the NC_CONFIG_DIR directory, (usually $VOVDIR/local/vncConfig) which may not have write permissions for ordinary users, and is also best if you are running multiple versions of the Accelerator Plus code. This method is recommended for all WX queues.

% setenv NC_QUEUE /home/bob/vov/mywx.swd/setup.tcl