Home Page

The Monitor home page is intended to provide a current, high-level overview of the license environment being monitored.

This includes a section for some basic utilization and wait time statistics, a customized view section, and a section that shows the status of the most active license servers. Clicking on the headers takes you to each header's respective page.

Current Status

The first section on the home page shows some high-level utilization and wait time statistics for the moment of time at which the home page was loaded. The statistics are divided into two categories: "Current Utilization" and "Current Wait":

Figure 1. Home Page: Statistics Section

Each category is further broken down into a collection of top-five metrics. This allows the user to see the most used features, the most active users, and the features that are the largest bottlenecks. The features and users that show up in these sections are links, which can be clicked on to obtain details about the statistic.

My View Section

The My View section shows the configured default view for the current authenticated user. A view is a pre-configured collection of tag and/or feature filters that are presented in a table for convenience. Views can be created and/or edited in the Views tab. Clicking on My View navigates to this page.

Figure 2. Home Page: My View Section

License Server Section

The final section shown on the home page is the license servers section. This section shows the most active license servers, their status, and some basic statistics about the server such as the number of features served by the server, the number of checkouts that are currently active on the server, and the last time the server was sampled by Monitor for data collection.

Figure 3. Home Page: License Servers Section