Start Monitor

  1. Open a terminal. cd to the installation directory.
  2. Go to the path of installation (where you installed Monitor), for example:
    cd /vov/altair/LM/2019.01
  3. Choose from the following options:
    If Enter
    You are running bash shell
    vov/altair/LM/2019.01/common/etc: source 
    you are running tcsh or c shell
    /vov/altair/LM/2019.01/common/etc: source vovrc.csh 
  4. Start Monitor. To do so, go back to your home directory:
    …/vov/altair/LM/2019.01/common/etc: cd $HOME
  5. Enter the following command from the home directory.
    ~: lmmgr start

    The default ports are web port 5555, port 5557 (vovserver) and roport 5556 (read only).

    If you want to change the ports, you can change the ports by entering a new part number, for example.
    ~: lmmgr start -webport 5566 -port 5567 -roport 5568
  6. With Monitor running, open a web browser and go to http://localhost:5555 and login. You will use the same login that you use on your home computer.
  7. Continue with the setup process.