Move a Database

To move a Monitor database, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Admin tab and select System > Configuration Information option.

    Figure 1. System Configuration
  2. Uncheck the Load checkout data box and click Update.
  3. From the command line, run:
    % vovproject enable licmon
    vovdaemonmgr stop vovdbd
  4. Go to the directory where the licmon.swd is located and find where the database is stored under licmon.swd > db >config.tcl.
  5. Go to that directory and copy the entire postgresdb directory into the new location.
  6. Edit the config file under licmon.swd>db.
  7. Change the path of sqlconfig(datadir) to the new path.
  8. Back in the xterm enter:
    % vovdaemonmgr start vovdbd
  9. Return to the Monitor web interface and re-check the Load checkout data box and click Update.
  10. It may take a few minutes for the system to update.