FlexNet Publisher Debug Log


add_DEBUG_LOG </path/to/log> -tag <TAG> [OPTIONS]


</path/to/log> The first argument must be a path to a FlexNet Publisher debug log. For a rotating log the name specified must be in the form of <fileName>.@DATE@.log. See Debug Log Monitoring for more details. If the server being monitored is of a triad configuration or if multiple daemons are being served from the server and they each have their own debug log (meaning that their debug logs were enabled via the FlexNet Publisher options file), each log will need its own line along with appropriate host specifications.
-tag <TAG> Specify the TAG to identify the license server. The TAG may contain only alphanumeric characters and underscores (_). The use of upper case characters is recommended for style purposes.
-tz, -timezone Set to timezone which was used to generate the debug log. Ex: PST8PDT. If debug log was generated in the same timezone as the Monitor server, leave blank.
-checkouts Extract checkout information from debug log. This can be used to monitor checkouts that are shorter in duration than the sampling rate.
-host If monitoring debug logs from triads, use this option to denote the server from which the data originates.
-minPeriod <TIMESPEC> Minimum sampling period.
-maxPeriod <TIMESPEC> Maximum sampling period.
-autokill <TIMESPEC> Kill parsing job after specified time.