Remote Altair Monitor


add_REMOTE_LM -host <HOST> -port <PORT> -site <SITE> <TAGSPEC> [OPTIONS]


-host Remote Altair Monitor server host.
-port Remote Altair Monitor server port.
-minPeriod <TIMESPEC> Minimum sampling period.
-maxPeriod <TIMESPEC> Maximum sampling period.
-autokill <TIMESPEC> Kill parsing job after specified time.

Tag Specification Options

-remotetag Remote tag to monitor. Ignored if -tagprefix is passed.
-localtag Local tag name for remote tag. Ignored if -tagprefix is passed.
-tagprefix Monitor all remote tags and use specified prefix to create local tag name.


add_REMOTE_LM -host sblm01  -port 5555 -site "SantaBarbara" -tagprefix SB_
add_REMOTE_LM -host dfwlm01 -port 5555 -site "Dallas" -tagprefix DFW_
add_REMOTE_LM -host nylm01  -port 5555 -site "NewYork" -remotetag MENTOR -localtag NY_MENTOR