Agent Configuration

A license management agent is a program that runs on a remote host that accepts and executes commands that are issued from the Monitor server, as well as performs file transfers to and from the remote host. Agents require either network access to the Altair Accelerator product installation or a local installation on the remote host.

Agent List

ControlCenter license management agents are viewed using the Agents page. Initially, the list of agents will be empty.

Figure 1. ControlCenter License Management Agents

Click Manage Agents to bring up the Agent Management page for agents that can be remotely controlled via ssh, rsh, or vovtsd. ControlCenter's license management agents are configured in the same manner as monitoring agents with the exception that each agent can be assigned to a specific tag(s) so that it will only interact with the license server(s) to which the tag(s) are related. This allows for securing tags to their respective administrator personnel. If such security is not required, the agent can be configured to interact with all tags found on the same machine on which the agent is running. Refer to the Network Monitoring for setting up license management agents as well.