The taskerClass.table File

This file allows the classification of taskers without requiring the taskers to be restarted. The file taskerClass.table resides in the server configuration directory (that is, the directory $VOV_PROJECT_NAME.swd). Each tasker checks the file for changes about once a minute.

The file consists of lines with the following format:
<taskername>:  <resource list>
(default):  <resource list>
All lines that do not conform to this format are ignored. The taskername begins at the beginning of the line. If the tasker name is the string (default), the line indicates the default value of the resource list. Note that (default) is not a legal tasker name because it contains the characters () which are not allowed in tasker names.
# Example of taskerClass.table file
(default):  classC

ferrari:  classA classB
buick:    classA
dodge:    classB