Files in the Server Working Directory (.swd)

There are several files are located in the project's server working directory.

If it exists, this is the crontable for the project on a specific host. For information, refer to Run Periodic Tasks with vovcrontab.
This Tcl script defines the rules to generate logical names for files. Use vovequiv -s to check the effect of the file.
This Tcl script defines the rules to Exclude Files From the Graph. All integrated tools use this file, while the vovserver ignores it.
This is the main configuration file, which controls the behavior of the vovserver.
This file describes the resources available for the project.
This file limits access to the vovserver to a defined set of users. This limitation is set up by specifying security rules.
This Tcl script is used to set up the environment for a project. Typically, this script sets VOV_HOST_NAME and VOV_PROJECT_NAME and other environment variable(s) that are specific to the project.
This file describes the taskers to be connected to the vovserver. The tool vovtaskermgr uses this file.
Any change to a configuration file becomes visible to the vovserver by executing the following command:
% vovproject reread