Delete Resources

To delete a resource map, use the Tcl procedure vtk_resourcemap_delete in vovsh. Resource maps may be deleted by ID or by name.

For example:
# Delete a resource by name
vtk_resourcemap_delete License:dc_shell

# Delete a resource by id
vtk_resourcemap_forget 00023456

Resource maps are automatically deleted after they expire, as soon as no job is using the resource.

The License: resources that are maintained by vovresourced and by Allocator are created with relatively short (typ. 5m) expiration times, but these are intended to be several times the duration at which they are refreshed by the daemon from license in-use information.

Rarely, you may observe jobs where nc info or the browser UI will show waiting on INFO: being deleted. This is shown when a job is waiting on a resource map that is in the process of being deleted or expiring.