Resource Daemon Configuration


Table 1.
Working directory vnc.swd/vovresourced
Config file vnc.swd/vovresourced/resources.tcl
Auxiliary config file $VOVDIR/local/resources.tcl
Info file vnc.swd/vovresourced/

The daemon vovresourced is the main agent that defines the resources of the vovservers. The configuration file is resources.tcl, which is located in the server configuration directory. This file defines which resources are to be used by the server by calling the procedure vtk_resourcemap_set. Examples are available in the vnc.swd/resources.tcl file.

The procedures vtk_flexlm_monitor and vtk_flexlm_monitor_all are used to define resources that are derived from licenses. If the resources.tcl file calls for monitoring FlexNet Publisher features with the command vtk_flexlm_monitor, or when Monitor receives notification of an event from LICMON, vovresourced then retrieves the information about the event. Refer to the vnc.swd/resources.tcl file for examples.

Refresh Rate

The frequency of the checks can be configured in the resources.tcl file as shown below:
set RESD(refresh)  10000;   #Set refresh time to 10,000 milliseconds.

Starting vovresourced

The program vovresourced is normally started automatically by the server. vovresourced can also be invoked manually from any directory. After reading the vovresourced configuration file, vovresourced then reads the auxiliary configuration file $VOVDIR/local/resources.tcl (if the auxiliary file has been created). When the resources.tcl file is changed, the vovresourced daemon is restarted with the following commands:
% vovproject reread         ; # Generic method for any vovserver.
% nc cmd vovproject reread  ; # Specific for Accelerator.
% ncmgr reset               ; # Specific for Accelerator.