Flow Library Packager vovflowcompiler

The tool vovflowcompiler creates a packaged flow, or .pp file from a Tcl format flow description file. You use some additional procedures defined in $VOVDIR/tcl/vtcl/vovflowlib.tcl to specify the description and parameters of the flow.

For example, here is the information added to the hourglass training example flow.
Description "Build a large flow as a training exercise."
Keywords    "Training toolx hourglass"
Parameter MAX_ROW  -default 2 -doc "Number of levels in the flow (between 2 and 10)"
Parameter RESOURCES -default "unix" -doc "The resources required by the flow"

if [GetAllParameters] {
    # ...
    # regular Flow.tcl contents for the flow
    # ...

The above flow has two parameters. The first is the depth of the flow, such as the number of levels from the top to the middle job of the hourglass-shaped graph. This is limited to the range of 2 to 10, so that the graph does not become degenerate or too large. The second parameter is the requested resource for running the jobs, which defaults to 'unix' so the jobs may be placed on any UNIX-like system.

Here is the brief usage information for the vovflowcompiler command.
vovflowcompiler: DESCRIPTION:
vovflowcompiler:     Generate a .pp file from a flow description in Tcl.
vovflowcompiler: USAGE:
vovflowcompiler:    % vovflowcompiler [options] <flow_definition_file>
vovflowcompiler: OPTIONS:
vovflowcompiler:       -install   <dir>        -- Install the .pp file into 
vovflowcompiler:                                  the specified directory