The GUI Console

The graphical user interface, called the "console", is invoked with the command vovconsole.

Since vovconsole displays the state of a specific FlowTracer project, you must choose which one by using vovproject enable project-name before starting the GUI.

Figure 1.
The console consists of four panels:
  • The Set Browser is the panel on the left. It displays sets defined in the project. This Directories panel also operates as a specialized directory browser.
  • The Set Viewer is the panel on the right. It displays the elements in the current set in one of three possible views: horizontal graph, vertical graph, or grid. It can also display summary information about the current set.
  • The System Log is across the bottom of the window. It is hidden by default. It can be shown with the menu option Console > Show/Hide > Show System Log. It lists all important events.
  • The Graphical Tasker Monitor is across the top of the window. It shows the state of the tasker hosts.

In addition to these panels, there is a navigation menu at the top, and two rows of action buttons below that. There is also a search field for selecting nodes by name.

vovconsole: Usage Message
        vovconsole [options] 
      -help                    -- Get this message.
      -v                       -- Increase verbosity.
      -geometry  WxH           -- Specify initial size of console.
      -fontsize <size>         -- Specify a size for the normal font.
                                  Default is 10.
      -view  grid|graph|stat   -- Specify the initial view for the set
                                          specified with -set.
                                          Default is 'grid'
      -set      <setNameOrId>  -- Show specified set in a new pane using the
                                  view specified with the previous -view option.
                                  Default to not to show any set.
                                  May be repeated.
      -initsystemnodes         -- Initialize the console upon start-up with
                                  all nodes in the trace.
      -batch  <file>           -- Execute specified file after the console is
      -showcustomize           -- Show areas that can be customized.
      -proj <vovproject>       -- Does nothing. Used when bsub'ing the
                                  vovconsole to track which console is on
                                  which project.
                                  See: VOVCONSOLE_SUBMIT_CMD
      -monochrome              -- Use gray except for top bar
      % vovconsole &
      % vovconsole -fontsize 12 &
      % vovconsole -geometry 1000x500  &
      % vovconsole -view vertical -set System:jobs -view grid 
                   -set System:files &
      % vovconsole -showcustomize