Forget Nodes and Sets from the Graph

FlowTracer remembers the jobs you execute provided you enable runtime tracing for those jobs, as you have done in this tutorial by using the FlowTracer wrapper vw. It often becomes necessary to tell FlowTracer to forget about parts of a flow.

  1. To forget a single node:
    1. Point at the node.
    2. Right-click, hold, and select Forget.
  2. To forget multiple nodes:
    1. Select the nodes you want to forget by drawing a rubber band around them.
    2. Point at one of the selected nodes.
    3. Right-click, hold, and select Forget from the pop-up menu.
  3. To forget a set (not the elements in the set):
    1. Select the set in the Set Browser.
    2. Look at the sets in the "Tmp"folder. From the menu, select Set Forget Set Only.
      Note: System"sets cannot be forgotten. "Predefined" sets can be forgotten but they will not be removed from the set hierarchy. Double-clicking on any of the "Predefined" set names will automatically recreate that set.
    3. You can also choose to forget a set and all the contents (nodes) of that set by using the option Forget Set & Elements instead.