Manage the Shell Prompt

Change the prompt.
Restore the original prompt.
Environment variable used to disable the use of vep
The default VOV prompt, set with the command vep, contains the name of the local host, name and host of the current VOV project, the current environment, and the last two components current directory. Example:
[orange]% vep
orange tutorial@apple BASE john/test > _

The effect of this command is purely cosmetic; its purpose is to make the user aware of the current environment and of the current project. Since it modifies the current shell, it is implemented as an alias for csh/tcsh users, and as a shell function for sh/ksh/bash.

To restore your original prompt, use veprestore:
orange tutorial@apple BASE john/test > veprestore
[orange]% _

The vep command is embedded in other Altair Accelerator commands, notably vovproject and ves. If you prefer your regular prompt to the one set by vep, you can disable it by setting the environment variable VOV_USE_VEP to 0 before sourcing your .vovrc file. Specifically, this is used by the files std.vov.aliases and, which are called by $VOVDIR/etc/vovsetup.{csh,sh}.

When disabled, the vep alias still exists, but does nothing. The veprestore command is defined in either case.