Set Names

Every set has a name and the name must be unique.

The name of a set can be any string, including spaces. However, obeying the following rules will make it easier for you to use and browse sets:
  • The maximum length of a set name is 512 ASCII characters
  • Consider the set name as a "path" in which components are separated by the colon ':'.
  • A colon at the beginning of the name is not necessary.
  • Avoid using spaces in the name.
  • Names beginning with three semicolons ';;;' used to be reserved for system sets, which are protected. These sets cannot be forgotten or modified. The user is now allowed to create sets with such names, but we discourage it.
  • Names beginning with three '@@@' or with 'tmp:' indicate special transient sets. A transient set does not generate attach/detach events, thus avoiding unnecessary traffic between the server and the GUI clients.