Muti-User Mode Setup: Project Owner

All users who are expected to share the FlowTracer project must belong to a common UNIX group.

Note: The IT department should create a UNIX group, if one doesn't already exist, that includes all the users who need to work on this shared project. (For these instructions, let's use a group called "designers".)

The steps that follow should be completed by the project owner.

  1. The project owner will create a new project, ensuring that he/she is using the designers UNIX group as the default group. This can be ensured by running the UNIX command newgrp:
    % newgrp designers
    % source <installation path>/common/etc/vovrc.csh
    % vovproject create <projectname>
    % vovproject enable <projectname>
  2. Create a vovusergroup called "designers" from the UNIX group "designers".
    This will add all the users of the UNIX group "designers" as members of the vovusergroup "designers".
    % vovusergroup populate designers -unix designers
  3. Assign the LEADER role to the vovusergroup designers. For this, modify the security.tcl file to include the following line:
    vtk_security -group designers LEADER +
  4. Set the environment variable VOV_FT_MULTIUSER to tell vovlsfd that FlowTracer is running in multi-user mode.
    In this mode, vovlsfd will only accept and submit jobs for the user who started this instance of vovlsfd.
  5. Restart the project so all the new settings will take effect.
  6. Start vovlsfd to enable taskers to submit jobs to LSF.
    The project is now ready for use by other members of the designers group.