Muti-User Mode Setup: Leaders

The Leaders are the members of the designers group.

  1. Change your current default UNIX group to be designers.
    % newgrp designers
  2. Enable the multi-user project.
    Note: Since you are enabling a project owned by a different user, you will need to use the -u flag on the vovproject enable command line to specify the user that the project is owned by.
    % source <installation path>/common/etc/vovrc.csh
    % vovproject enable -u <owner> <projectname>
    % vovconsole
  3. Set the environment variable VOV_FT_MULTIUSER to tell vovlsfd that FlowTracer is running in multi-user mode.
  4. Start vovlsfd to enable taskers to submit jobs to LSF. (Note, each LEADER will need to start his/her own copy of vovlsfd from vovconsole.)
    Now you can view the jobs created by other users, as well as create your own jobs