Graphical Tasker LED Monitor

The top of the console is the graphical taskers LED monitor. It consists of a grid of sunken rectangles, each representing a tasker host. The color of the rectangle indicates the Tasker Status. In configurations with lots of taskers, each rectangle gets small, reduced to almost like a status LED on a phone.

Figure 1.

Right-clicking on rectangle activates a pop-up menu to control the taskers and the job currently being executed by the taskers.

The taskers LED monitor has limited space, so it can only show a few taskers. If there are more taskers than can fit in the space of the LED, they get automatically grouped together by their status. When grouped like this, a single LED is shown for each group of taskers with similar status. The number in the label indicates how many taskers are in that group.

You can choose to group taskers by a different criteria by selecting the criteria in the dropdown next to the LEDs. Possible grouping criteria are: Arch, Status, and Group. Alternately, you can choose to see all taskers which will then display an LED for each tasker without any grouping.
Note: When displaying all taskers, there may not be enough space to display all taskers. To see all the taskers, you can display the floating taskers monitor by choosing the Console > Floating Taskerlists Monitor menu item.