Remove Files

To remove a file from the file system which is currently registered in a flow graph, you should notify FlowTracer that the file is going away. The simple way to do this is to use the vovblast command.

This command directs FlowTracer to adjust the flow graph to reflect that the file is going away, and to remove the file for you.

  1. It invalidates all nodes dependent on the files.
  2. It forgets files from the flow.
  3. It removes the files from the disk.

By using vovblast instead of rm, you maintain flow consistency.

Using this command to remove files is called blasting the files.

vovblast: Usage Message
      Forget files from the trace AND DELETE THEM from the disk.
      The files must be specified by name.  Each file argument
      is interpreted as a regular expression.
      All dependent nodes are invalidated.
      % vovblast [options] [file] ...
      -help           -- This message.
      -silent         -- Be quiet.
      Options can be abbreviated to one character.
      % vovblast a b c      
% vovblast aa
vovblast: message: Forgetting aa
vovblast: message: Removing   aa