Declare a job to be executed periodically (see also T and J).

[OPTIONS] args
Creates a periodic job using J (uses capsule if present). Periodic jobs run with a default period of $period, but will adjust future runs according to how long the job takes to complete. The range of the period is defined by $minperiod and $maxperiod.
-period TIMESPEC
Specify target period of job. This is the period with which the job is scheduled. If there are enough resources, it will also be the period with which the job is executed, else the job may have to be queued.
Allow period to be reduced down to this minimum period. This happens if the job is quick enough.
Allow period to be increased up to this maximum period. This happens if the job takes a long time to execute. The max period is also used to kill the job if it takes longer than max period.
Short cut specification of period, min period, max period, and autokill, where, with $P set to the TIMESPEC, min period is set to $P, max period is set to 10*$P and autokill is set to 3*$P.
-autokill TIMESPEC
Kill job if it runs for longer than the specified amount. If this is greater than the maximum period, then the job will be killed if it runs for more than the maximum period.
-resources RESOURCE_SPEC
Override resource specification for the job. By default, this is the empty list.
Override environment specification for the job.
Specify when the job is allowed to be executed. A CALENDAR_SPEC consists of two comma-separated lists joined by a colon. The part to the left of the colon expreses the days, and the part to the right specifies the hours, 0..23. Days are numbered 0..7 with 0 for Sunday. A CALENDAR_SPEC format example is: Sun,Mon,Tue:1,2,3,4 which states that the job can be executed on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, at the hours of 1AM, 2AM, 2AM 4AM. This option works in conjunction with the period settings describe above. Other CALENDAR_SPEC examples are:0,1,2:* - Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, all hours.*:15,21 - All days, at 3pm and 9pm.
The job is considered "systemjob" (not keeping server up). If not declared as a systemjob, this job might prevent auto shutdown of an idle project, if the period of the PJ is shorter than the auto shutdown interval. Please note that the setting of make(systemjob) is not used to determine if the PJ is a system job or not. You must use this flag to declare this periodic job to be a system job.
PJ -period 1h updateSomeFile
PJ -period 1h  -min 40m -max 2h -autokill 2m \
 -resources linux -env BASE updateSomeFile

R linux
PJ -P 1m date

set make(jobname)   "$tag"
set make(nojournal) 1
PJ -P 30s -systemjob ftlm_parse_flexlm ...