File Generation in FDL

We recommend that all files in a flow be generated by some job rather than as part of vovbuild. Occasionally, however, it may be more convenient to generate some files as part of the flow construction, that is by vovbuild itself.

If that is the case, we recommend that such files be created with a barrier to change propagation. To this effect, you may find convenient to use VovBarrierOpen and VovBarrierClose, as in the following example.
# Recommended method to create a file as part of vovbuild.
set fp [VovBarrierOpen "config.txt" ]
VovBarrierClose $fp
Use the option -T to trace the execution of vovbuild, as in:
% vovbuild -T ...

Old Names for VovBarrierOpen

The procedure barrierOpen is the old name for VovBarrierOpen and has the same functionality. The same applies for barrierClose and VovBarrierClose.