wx preempt

wx: Usage Message
      Preempt the specified running jobs.
      Preemption means that:
      1.  The job is stopped or suspended (depending on method and age)
      2.  The resources of the job are revoked
      3.  If needed, a 'resumer job' is scheduled to
      restart the job as soon as the revoked
      resources are again available.
      If a job is not running, an error is reported.
      % wx preempt [OPTIONS] <jobId> ...
      -h                   -- This help.
      -v                   -- Increase verbosity.
      -method METHOD       -- Specify preemption method. Default is AUTOMATIC.
                              Common values:
                              AUTOMATIC, KILL, KILL+RESUBMIT, SUSPEND,
                              Other values and example of preemption plans
                              (see docs): MODELSIM, BEGIN:RETRACING:EXT, 
                              TSTP, vish. 
                              Bad values are currently ignored.
      -manualresume        -- The resumer job is not scheduled;
                              A 'nc resume' is required to restart the
                              preempted job.
      -resumeres RESLIST   -- Specify resources to be added to the
                              resumer job. The resources are expanded.
                              @HOST@ RAM/@RAM@
                              Any job field can be used, but here are
                              some commen fields that can be useful:
                              @HWRAM@ @HWCORES@ @HWPERCENT@ @HWSLOTS@
      % wx preempt 123456
      % wx preempt -v 123456
      % wx preempt -method SIGTSTP 123456
      % wx preempt -method KILL+RESUBMIT 123456
      % wx preempt -method BEGIN:RETRACING:EXT,TSTP,vish 123456
      % wx preempt 03076307 03076311 03076315
      % wx preempt -manualresume 123456
      % wx preempt -manualresume -resumeres @PROP.SOLUTION@ 123456
      % wx preempt -manualresume -resumeres "@HOST@ RAM/@MAXRAM@" 123456
      % ...
      % wx resume  123456