wx forget

wx: Usage Message
      Forget jobs from the trace.
      If the jobs are running they are first stopped (if you use -forcerunning)
      If the jobs are queued, they are removed from the queue.
      % wx forget [OPTIONS] <jobId> ...
      -normal                 -- Forget all my jobs older than 1 day.
      -n                      -- Shortcut for -normal.
      -age   <age>            -- Forget all my jobs older than the
                                 specified age (except running jobs).
      -J    <jobname>         -- Forget all my jobs with given name.
      -set  <setname>         -- Forget all jobs in given set.
      -mine                   -- Forget all my jobs (regardless of age).
      -allusers               -- Forget jobs belonging to other users too.
                                 Need to be ADMIN.
      -dir  <dirname>         -- Forget all jobs in the given directory.
      -subdirs <dirname>      -- Forget all jobs in the given directory and
                                 all subdirectories.
      -selrule <rule>         -- Selection rule for jobs to forget.
      -forcerunning           -- Force deletion of running jobs.
      -h                      -- This message.
      -v                      -- Increase verbosity.
      -quiet                  -- Quiet forget. Ignore errors.
      -system                 -- Include system jobs (implied for explicit jobIds)
      % wx forget -n
      % wx forget -age 1h
      % wx forget -mine -dir .
      % wx forget -allusers -dir .
      % wx forget -set MyExperiment
      % wx forget -set MyExperiment -forcerunning