Test vovserver socket connectivity.

The command vovtestsocket attempts to connect to the specified port on a host. It must be called from a vov-project enabled shell. It prints the result and also places it in a property on the trace (object 1) in vovserver.
Important: The vovserver for the project must be running.

The result is printed and a time-stamped property of the form SOCKET_<HOST>_<PORT> is attached. See example below.

vovtestsocket: Usage Message
      This utility tests the connectivity to a socket
      and leaves the status in a property of the trace.
      The property is called SOCKET_$HOST_$PORT.
      % vovtestsocket HOST PORT


myproject@server DEFAULT ~ > vovtestsocket tiger 110
vovtestsocket 04/24/2017 10:21:55: message: Status: 'ok'
myproject@server BASE+SVN1 ~ > vovprop list 1 | grep SOCK
SOCKET_tiger_110 = '1493054515 ok'

This example attempts to connect to a host 'tiger' on port 110 (the one usually used by POP3 protocol). This command returns 0 exit status irrespective of the result.