vovproject start

vovproject: Usage Message
      % vovproject start [OPTIONS] [PROJECT]
      Defaults to the currently enabled project.
      Note: Do not use vovproject to start an LM, NC, WX, or LA project.
            Instead, use lmmgr, ncmgr, wxmgr, or lamgr command.
      -h                  This help.
      -v                  Increase verbosity.
      -ssh                Use ssh to get to remote server host (default).
      -rsh                Use rsh to get to remote server host.
      -block              Prevent returning to shell until project is stopped.
                          Useful when submitting to batch processing systems.
      -rehost             Start on current host as opposed to previous host.
      -port               Override configured server port.
      -webport            Override configured web UI port.
      -webprovider        Set web provider to either internal or nginx.
      -roport             Override configured read-only guest port.
      VOVPROJECT_SUBMIT_CMD  Submit project to a batch processing system
                             when set to a valid submission command
                             (eg 'nc run' 'bsub').
      % vovproject start -port 12345 myProject