This utility is used to kill processes.

vovkill: Usage Message
      This utility is used to kill processes,
      It differs from kill because:
      - It kills a process and all of its children;
      - It can send a list of signals to try to kill a process.
  USAGE: vovkill [options] <pid> ...
      Kill the given process and all of its children.
      The processes are first sent TERM, then HUP, then INT, then KILL.
      -v                 -- Increase verbosity.
      -n                 -- Just show what you would do but do not do it.
      -rx      <rx>      -- Kill processes that match the given rx.
      -exclude <pid>     -- Exclude pid from list of processes to kill.
      -pid     <pid>     -- Process to kill.
      -signal  <s>       -- Which signal you want to send.
      -gentle            -- Send only HUP.
      % vovkill 22123
      % vovkill -signal INT 22123
      % vovkill -gentle 22123
      % vovkill -rx grep -signal 9  223