A utility to manage storage configuration items.

vovfiler_setup: Usage Message
  A utility to manage Storage configuration items.
      % vovfiler_setup [OPTIONS]
       install TYPE            -- Set up directory and config file structure
                               -- (Ignored if already set up).
       add                     -- Add stored credentials for a filer.
       show                    -- Show stored credentials for a filer(s).
       listfilers              -- List filers (no credentials).
       remove                  -- Remove stored credentials for a filer.
       removeall               -- Remove all defined filer credentials (requires confirmation).
       clearmetrics            -- Remove all defined filer metrics from current NC instance (2015.03 and up).
      -c username:password     -- Specify username and password API login credentials for Perf stats.
      -c [default|remote]      -- Use default credentials or remote filer on another NC instance.
      -f filer_name            -- Specify filer hostname for setup operation. "default" may also be specified.
      -h                       -- This help.
      -v                       -- Increase verbosity. Repeatable.             
      % vovfiler_setup install  netapp                         -- Set up directories and config.
      % vovfiler_setup add -c bob:filerpasswd -f mustang       -- Define filer credentials.
      % vovfiler_setup install isilon                         -
      % vovfiler_setup add -c bob:filerpasswd -t isilon -f isilon1
      % vovfiler_setup show -f mustang                         -- Show filer credentials.
      % vovfiler_setup show                                    -- Show all filer credentials.
      % vovfiler_setup add -c apiuser:apipwd -f default        -- Define default filer credentials.
      % vovfiler_setup show -f default                         -- Show default filer credentials.
      % vovfiler_setup add -c default -f indigo                -- Define a filer which uses default credentials.
      % vovfiler_setup add -c remote  -f tango                 -- Define a filer tracked by another NC instance.
      % vovfiler_setup listfilers                              -- List all filers (without credentials shown).
      % vovfiler_setup remove -f indigo                        -- Remove named filer.
      % vovfiler_setup clearmetrics                            -- Clear all filer metrics from current NC instance.
     % vovfiler_setup install elastifile
     % vovfiler_setup add -c admin:changeme -t elastifile -f