usage: vovbuild [--] [-f file] [-h] [-L file] [-l label] [-ncsqTvV]
   --:         Stop processing of options. All following arguments are not
               parsed as options.
   -f:         Read a flow definition file.  If no -f option is specified the
               tool looks in the current working directory for the file
               Flow.tcl and, for backwards compatibility reasons, for the file
               Make.tcl.  All following arguments are passed to the TCL
   -h:         Print this usage message.
   -L:         Read a flow definition file from the flow library. The file is
               searched in $VOVDIR/local/flowlib and $VOVDIR/flowlib. If a
               relative pathname is provided, the tool will assume it is
               relative to these directories. 
   -l:         A descriptive label.  It helps identify the invocation of this
               tool from other invocations.  It does not affect the behavior
               of vovbuild.
   -n:         Don't actually build the flow; just print the commands.
   -c:         Cautious mode. Do not build if jobs are running.
   -s:         Make all dependencies sticky by default.
   -q:         Quiet mode.
   -T:         Trace the invocation of vovbuild itself.
   -v:         Verbose output.
   -V:         Print version.