Get Summary Information

nc summary, nc list and nc info jobId will be the three commands that you use frequently to get information about the jobs managed by Accelerator.

Get Summary of All My Jobs: nc summary

% nc summary
NC Summary For User dexin
TOTAL JOBS         11      Duration: 23s
  Done              1
  Idle              0
  Queued            5
  Running           2
  Failed            3

     1   alpha    sleep      'aa'
     3   alpha    sleep      'linux'

In the above example, the command displays summary information for user dexin. There are a total of 11 jobs, 1 of which is Done, 2 Running, 3 Failed, etc. In the bottom part, it shows the summary for jobs that are queued, that is, there is 1 sleep job queued because it is waiting for resource 'aa', and there are 3 sleep jobs waiting for resource 'linux'.

To get an idea of what is going on in the whole Accelerator system, the following shows all the jobs and what the jobqueue buckets are waiting for. Note that Accelerator subcommands may be abbreviated.
% nc sum -a -b

Get a List of My Jobs: nc list

This command, without any option, displays the last 20 of your jobs in the format of "jobId status command".
% nc list
04193437 Done    sleep 1
04193911 Done    sleep 5
04193913 Failed  sleep 10
04193917 Failed  sleep 20
04193919 Idle    sleep 60
04193937 Running sleep 10
04193943 Queued  sleep 56

Status Meaning

In Accelerator, each job is assigned an "Accelerator Computing Status" which is defined as follows:

Status Color * Explanation
Queued Cyan The job is scheduled to be executed.
Running Orange The job is currently executing
Done Green The job ran successfully
Failed Red The job ran and failed.
Idle BlueViolet The job needs to be run, but it is not scheduled.

*(Colors may look different on some systems)

Some Options about nc list

The nc list command has several useful options. They include:
Get detailed usage of this command:
% nc list -h
List all jobs, including others' jobs:
% nc list -a
04193437 Done    alpha    dexin    rhino      sleep 1
04193898 Done    users    integ    rhino      sleep 2
04193939 Done    alpha    dexin    rhino      sleep 15
04193941 Done    alpha    dexin    rhino      sleep 20
04193943 Done    alpha    dexin    rhino      sleep 60
Control output format, show job Id the (first) tool of job only:
% nc list -O "@ID@ @TOOL@"
04193437 sleep
04193898 sleep
04193939 sleep
04193941 sleep
04193943 sleep
In the above example, we use "fields", i.e., ID and TOOL, surrounded by two "@" signs, to format strings.

Get Detailed Information About a Job: nc info jobId

Without options, this command displays the basic information about the job, like user, group, directory, command, environment, queue time, etc.

% nc info 04193937
Id,User,Group   04193937,dexin,alpha
Environment     D(VOV_ENV_SOURCE=vnc_logs/envdexin36362.env)
Directory       ${HOMES}/dexin
Command         sleep 10
Status          Done
   Host         rhino
   QueueTime    1s
   Duration     10s
   Age          20m37s
   AutoForget   1

With option -l, this command shows the contents of the log file.

% nc info -l 04193937
Log file is: '${HOMES}/dexin/vnc_logs/20021230/095337.13512.3'
vwrap: message: Start date: Mon Dec 30 09:53:38 PST 2002
vwrap: message: On host: rhino
vwrap: message: Sourcing environment vnc_logs/envdexin36362.env
vwrap: message: Running: 'sleep 10'
vwrap: message: Exit status: 0
vwrap: message: End   date : Mon Dec 30 09:53:48 PST 2002