2021.1.0-p1 Patch 1 Release Notes

New Features

Internal Number Products Case Number Description
VOV-13502 All None This fix provides for mitigation of a hang in the http(s) service. It reinstates the nginx service found in earlier releases. The use of the patch is required for production systems using the https service - typically Accelerator. The patch prevents the use of the REST v3 API, a subsequent release will address this shortcoming. The use of nginx should be seen as temporary and a subsequent release is expected to provide integrated https within vovserver. To start nginx, pass '-webprovider nginx' to ncmgr start, lmmgr start, etc. You should see vovnginxd start as one of the vov daemons. 'vovservermgr config' will also show the webprovider setting as being either 'internal' or 'nginx' depending on how you have configured the system.