2020.1.0 Release

New Features and Enhancements

The following new features and enhancements were introduced this software release:

Product(s) Case Number Internal Number Description
All VOV-11377 A new document viewer for the Accelerator product family is provided in the web UI. This document viewer provides a modernized interface with new client-side search capability.
All VOV-11059 Field descriptions have been populated for all supported fields. These can be queried via the "fieldesc" metadata field, available for each object.
Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0121103 VOV-12279 The output of nc info and wx info now includes the project/queue name.
Accelerator VOV-11378 A modernized web UI dashboard page has been added to the Accelerator web UI. To access the page, browse to the URL generated by this command: nc cmd vovbrowser -url /dashboard. ADMIN privileged users may access this dashboard.
Accelerator 24397 VOV-10124 The following commands nc run, vovset resources, nc modify -res, now support binary unit conversion for all memory based resources as a convenience from Petabytes (PB), Terabyte (TB), or Gigabyte (GB) to Megabytes (MB), which is still used internally and reported by all commands. The input conversion will accept either decimal or integer form and are all case-insensitive, so for example both nc run -r RAM/0.1Tb — sleep 0 and nc run -r SWAP/1GB — sleep 0 are supported. The currently supported parameter names for which this conversion is supported are RAM/, RAM#, RAMFREE#, RAMFREE/, RAMTOTAL#, RAMFREE/, SWAP/, SWAP#, SWAPFREE#, SWAPFREE/, SWAPTOTAL#, SWAPTOTAL/ and TMP# or TMP/. By default the unit is MB (Megabytes), where 1MB is 1<<20 bytes.
Accelerator 24092, 24093 VOV-9830 Added confirmation WebUI dialogs for MakeDefault and ClearDefault job class - Writing MakeDefault and ClearDefault job class events to server log
Accelerator 23068, 23767, 23914, 24923 VOV-9778 Irrelevant alerts are no longer generated. Addressed some implementation issues with vtk_flexlm_exclude_tags. Note that calls to vtk_flexlm_exclude_tags are cumulative and override any tags added with vtk_flexlm_monitor and vtk_flexlm_monitor_all. The -noooq parameter for vtk_flexlm_monitor has no impact at present, please use vovresSetFlags instead. The -order parameter to vtk_flexlm_monitor and vtk_flexlm_monitor_all only orders any specified tags, it no longer adds tags (use -tags to add tags). The optional parameters vovResource, vovMap to vtk_flexlm_monitor are now handled correctly.
Accelerator 21777 VOV-8055 Added a new capability to limit the number of interactive jobs that can run concurrently, both at the global and user levels. This is accomplished by creating a limit resource and setting is as the interactive job limit in the vncrun.config.tcl configuration file. For example: set VOV_JOB_DESC(interactive,limit) Limit:interactive or for per-user a limit: set VOV_JOB_DESC(interactive,limit) Limit:interactive_@USER@ The resource must exist prior to adding these lines to the file.
Accelerator 23067 VOV-9017 MAXCPUPROGRESS now provides the maximum sampled percentage of CPU time as an integer used by a job, including all its children, which can be greater than 100 if the job is utilizing multiple cores.
Accelerator 23265 VOV-9130 Added the -sickslave parameter to the vovinvalidate command, to invalidate running/retracing jobs that are no longer attached to a slave.
Accelerator 21342 VOV-7811 Added ability to provide a stop reason when stopping jobs via the web UI.
Accelerator VOV-12458 Implemented Dialpad menu for mobile screens.
FlowTracer VOV-10618 Added the NODEGRAPH, JOBGRAPH, NODEGRAPHHIER and JOBGRAPHHIER fields for vovselect or REST to return node dependency information for Set objects. The information can be used to construct a FlowTracer flow graph of nodes.
All VOV-11323 vovdoc CLI utility is retired
All VOV-11454 vov_rest_v3.py is the new Python module used to make v3 REST API requests against vovserver.
All VOV-11251 Accelerated processing of Crash Recovery file.
All VOV-10844 Provide a REST API addition to allow job control. The following operations can be performed via the v3 REST API: 1. Dispatch 2. Forget 3. Preempt 4. Rerun 5. Resume 6. Suspend
All VOV-10964 Job attributes can now be modified via the v3 REST API in ways that are also possible via the command line with nc modify.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Product(s) Case Number Internal Number Description
All VOV-5570 Fixed behavior of the ROWCOUNT field used by vovselect and related commands; vovselect will print "0" instead of an empty string when there are no rows in the query, and will print a correct count instead of 0 for "vovselect rowcount from objects".
All   VOV-12721 Fixed an issue with the 2020.1.0 beta that caused a user to be logged out of a web session for one product when the user logged into a different product session in the same browser.
All 24114 VOV-9853 When determining if a shell is configured for a project, the environment variables VOV_PROJECT_NAME and VOV_HOST_NAME must be set. New checks were added to ensure the values of these variables may not be empty strings and may not be set to "unknown".
All CS0120819 VOV-12027 Add the previously missing documentation for the vovlicensemgr command.
All VOV-12583 Fixed an issue where querying for "maxnumacores" was returning the total number of cores in the system instead of the maximum number of cores in a NUMA node.
Accelerator 25220 VOV-11515 Added a new server configuration parameter, tasker.uninterruptableSignalCascades, that controls whether taskers should process incoming job control requests when there is an existing signal cascade being processed. If TRUE, taskers will ignore incoming job control requests if an existing request is in-process and a message will be printed to the slave log indicating as such. Default is FALSE.
Accelerator VOV-10850 NUMA support has been updated to work correctly on systems configured with the number of sockets unequal to the number of NUMA nodes (Click here for an example). On such systems, the earlier implementation would report the number of NUMA nodes and associated memory incorrectly. The earlier implementation could also result in degraded memory performance if a socket has more than 1 NUMA node.
Accelerator 21578, 24177 VOV-7947 Fix a failure to remove an Accelerator job's pre-command and post-command script log files by the command nc clean.
Accelerator 22946, 29901 VOV-8975 The output of nc getfield JOB cputime with a lowercase cputime is changed to be the integer accumulated CPU time for a job scaled in milliseconds. This is now consistent with the output of nc getfield JOB CPUTIME with an uppercase CPUTIME field name.
Accelerator 21073 VOV-5439 Execution information shows, "job has never run" instead of epoch dates for jobs that have not run yet.
Accelerator 24894 VOV-11041 Large v2 REST queries that produced no results have been fixed in the v3 REST API.
Note: The problem still persists with v2, the fix is in v3 only.
Accelerator VOV-11261 Addressed issue where delays were encountered due to vovserver not being immediately notified of an update.
Accelerator VOV-12337 Fixed timing issue with nc wait command when run immediately after submitting multiple jobs in background mode using nc run command
Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0120716 VOV-12305 Fixed issue that prevented the wxagent job in an Accelerator base queue from reflecting the job placement policy and priority of the user's job in an Accelerator Plus queue.
Accelerator 25247 VOV-11657 Performance of vovselect and related Tcl commands has been improved in general, as well as specific enhancements for the ID field in all tables, and the WHY and FairShare-related fields in JOBS.
Accelerator CS0120864 VOV-12023 Jobs that have been autokilled no longer show duplicate autokill reasons in the job status explanation.
Accelerator VOV-12032 The integrated REST HTTP server now has a separate log under SWD/logs/httpserver.log.
Accelerator CS0120906, CS0121020 VOV-12030 Fixed issue that caused taskers to be killed with the message “Tasker instructed to exit brutally”. This also fixes server messages like “Cannot find tasker rdc-cad-svr12 (illegal id 365667285) pid=32830"
Accelerator VOV-12560 Fixed nc stop -after option, which was not waiting for the specified number of seconds before issuing the stop request.
Accelerator CS0127402 VOV-12628 Fixed a bug where License: was prepended the resource name if the resource parameter was specified in vtk_flexlm_monitor, even if the resource name already started with License:.
Accelerator VOV-12543 Fixed a crash in vovserver caused by trying to select a job graph or node graph field from a set by name, e.g. "vovselect NODEGRAPH from System:jobs".
Accelerator, Accelerator Plus, Monitor 24282 VOV-10682 Features names such as set via vtkle_feature_set can now include the '+' character and will be handled properly via the web UI.
Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0121177 VOV-12403 Fixed an issue where NUMA jobs that span multiple NUMA nodes would not return all cores used by the job to the free pool on job completion.
FlowTracer 24393 VOV-10362 Fix to retrace all the jobs of selected sets in vovconsole hierarchically.
FlowTracer VOV-12090 The default product name is now "ft" and is no longer determined by a prefix of the project name. The product name "auto" is no longer supported.
FlowTracer CS0120999 VOV-12203 When a job is submitted by FlowTracer to an indirect tasker and the job is associated with a class, the resource list could contain duplicate entries because it was constructed as a union of two resource lists. Construction of the resource list now ensures duplicates are avoided.
Monitor 23225 VOV-9100 Fixed LM report plotting with "Breakdown By Feature" option.
Monitor CS0122686 VOV-12627 A defective hypertext link in the Monitor Administrator Guide labeled "Advanced Control of the Product Ports" has been repaired.
None 25011 VOV-11221 Monitor email notifications set in the Admin->Notifications UI page using legacy mode email delivery had failed to successfully deliver email to the recipient.
All VOV-10844 Provide a REST API addition to allow job control. The following operations can be performed via the v3 REST API: 1. Dispatch 2. Forget 3. Preempt 4. Rerun 5. Resume 6. Suspend
All VOV-10913 Fixed a bug that caused vovselect to issue an error when requesting the field "env" in all lowercase.
All VOV-9988 Made the WHY property more prominent in the Main Reasons section of the output of vsy and related commands for FAILED jobs.
Accelerator 22097 VOV-8599 See VOV-11848.