Clean Up

Access the Help Documentation

Now that you've installed the product, you will want to read the product-specific documentation. Details about various ways to read the documentation is available in the Use Altair Accelerator Help topic.

If you are reading this in the browser as HTML, you can navigate from this page to the HTML version of the Administrator's manuals, for the products below.

Administrator's Manual for Monitor

Administrator's Manual for Accelerator

Administrator's Manual for Accelerator Plus

Administrator's Manual for Allocator

Administrator's Manual for FlowTracer

Full Bookshelf of All Manuals for All Products

Remove Downloaded Files

Now that the install of the downloaded files has been completed, you can remove the downloaded and expanded files from the staging area.

The only benefit in leaving them on your disk is if you may need to update the installation with additional platform-specific files.

An update of the existing release to add platform-specific is needed if you add a machine type to your network that was not in place during this install process. In that case, the downloaded and extracted common files will need to exist to do that update. The platform-specific files that are now already installed will not be needed during that add-platform update step. You can leave the common files on disk, or delete them now and download them again when you need them.