Altair License Management System (ALM)

Altair License Manager (ALM) is a license server, an alternative to the license manager RLM.

The Altair License Management System provides a common unit-based licensing model for all Altair software. The key components of the Altair License Management System are: the Altair License Server (ALS), the Usage Reporting Tool (URT), and the Altair Application Server (AA).
Altair License Server is an LM-X license server built and distributed by Altair.
Usage Reporting Tool sends logs back to Altair. This is set to run AUTOMATICALLY during installation.
Altair Application Server references the application server that is deployed to accept usage logs from the customers.

The License Server is an application that runs on supported platforms and serves licenses to Altair Licensing System enabled clients. This includes a large suite of Altair products as well as a collection of third party applications via the HyperWorks Enabled Community Program.

The Usage Reporting System contains the Usage Reporting Tool (URT) and the Altair Application Server (AAS). The reporting system gathers and sends the anonymous transaction logs from the license server and sends them to Altair for processing. The URT resides on the customer’s license server and the AAS resides on the Altair hosted server.

When a customer signs a new license agreement, they agree to provide certain software usage data to Altair.The Altair License Management System can be installed to use an automated method or one of several manual methods for delivering usage data. Either way, any data delivered to Altair is stripped of all personal or company data (e.g. usernames, hostnames, etc.).

To enable ALM licensing in Accelerator products, you must set configure ALM via the policy.tcl file, which is stored in the PROJECT.swd directory. In the policy.tcl file, add set config(alm.enable) 1. For more information about configuration, see Server Configuration.