Install a License File

You will need a license file supplied by Altair Engineering, Inc. to complete the licensing process. If you do not have a license, contact your account manager at Altair Engineering, Inc. or your local Altair support office for assistance. With your request, provide the Hostid value of your license server.

  1. To obtain the host ID for the machine, run the following command in a command shell:
    C:\<installation_directory>\bin\almutil –hostid

    This provides all the Altair supported valid Hostids for this machine.

  2. If you are using one of the Ethernet based Hostids, choose one that is on a permanent interface. Some interfaces are for VPN’s or other software based adapters that may not always be present.
  3. When you receive your license file, place it in the <installation_directory>. By default, it should be in a file named altair_lic.dat. You can check the name by looking in the altair-serv.cfg file and finding the value for LICENSE_FILE.
  4. Optional: Change the setting in the altair-serv.cfg file to point to your new license file, if necessary.