Install Altair License Management System on Linux

Consult the table listed in Installation Media and Supported Platforms to download the package that is appropriate for the machine that will be your license server. You can download the package from the Altair web site (

In order to install the software with automatic startup during reboot, you will need to be root (super-user) to run the installer. If you do not have root/admin access or do not want to install the startup scripts, you may add the following option to the command line at when running the installer: -DNO_ROOT=t

Also note that with this version you must set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or appropriate setting for your OS) to include the installdir/bin directory in order for lmx-serv to find if you don’t use the Altair supplied start/stop scripts.

It is also important to allow traffic on the port used by the Licensing systems. By default, this is port 6200. You may have to enable traffic on this port for both the license server machine and the clients if you are running any type of firewall or security software.