Hostid and Dongle Support

Altair supports a subset of the available Hostid values from X-Formation as well as hardware dongles (USB keys) on some platforms. In order to use a dongle, you must have an open USB port.


The acceptable values of Hostid are (all may not be available on any given platform):
  • HARDDISK (this is NOT the same HARDDISK value as used by FLEXlm)
  • LONG

When requesting a license file, use one of the above Hostid values, and the Altair provided utility, almutil, to obtain your Hostid.

USB Hardware Keys (Dongles)

In order to use a dongle, you must have a free/open USB port on the machine that will be your license server.

If you have acquired a hardware dongle to use for licensing, you must obtain the dongle ID via the software before requesting your license file. Hardware dongles are supported on the following platforms:
  • Windows
  • Linux

In order for the dongle to function properly, you must first install the correct drivers for your platform. These drivers are available from X-Formation. Download and install the driver from the following URL:

If that is not available, try

and look for the “Sentinel Drivers” for your platform

Once the driver is installed and the dongle is in place, use the almutil –hostid command to query for all the Hostids on the machine and report the DONGLE Hostid.

Note: Due to a change in the way DONGLES were handled in newer versions of LM-X you will need to set the environment variable ALM_DONGLE_ENABLED=t in order to use a dongle with client applications. This is NOT true for the license server itself, but is true for almutil and client applications.

Other Notes

The user that the license server runs as must have a home directory.