Altair and LM-X Programs

Altair and X-Formation provide the following license administration tools and programs. These include almutil, almutilGUI (a GUI version of almutil) and the license server itself.


lmx-serv is the actual license server. At a minimum, a valid alus.conf file must reside in the current working directory and you must have a valid license file. Everything that is needed, except the location of the alus.conf file, may be specified in a valid .cfg file. The location of the alus.conf file is taken from the environment variable ALUS_CONF_FILE or from the registry on Windows. The lmx-serv options are:
Table 1. lmx-serv [options]
-b or -background Run license server in background.
-c or -config <configfile> Specify which config file to use.
-l or -licpath <license path> Specify optional license file or a path to directory with license file(s).
-lf or logfile <logfile> Specify optional logfile.
-port <port number> Specify optional port number.
-h Show this help

almutil and almutilGUI

almutil (and almutilGUI, the graphical version) provides Altair specific functionality. It is used to obtain one of the supported Hostids of the server and to manage license borrowing and return. While LM-X supports a variety of valid Hostids, only a subset is supported by Altair. Use the –hostid option of almutil to obtain a list of supported Hostids. Further details on borrowing are in Section 7.5, Borrowing Licenses.

Options for almutil are as follows:
Table 2. almutil [option]
-hostid Display Hostids for this system.
-borror -borrow <hours> Start the borrowing system, borrowed licenses will be available for <hours> number of hours.
-return -return <feature> Return the feature specified by <feature>
Additional options for almutil include several reporting features as well as interacting with the Hosted HyperWorks Units (HHWU) system. In order to provide both familiar and more useful status data the following option was added to almutil:
-licstat[-host <host> -port <port> -feature <feature> -user <user> -inuse -collapse] 
Display license statistics, by default list everything 
             Information can be limited with optional arguments 
             Multiple -feature <feature> and -user <user> can be specified 
             -inuse will limit output to features with usage 
             -inuse may not be used with -feature and -user options 
             -collapse will collapse shared checkouts into one entry  

For additional information you can run almutil -–help.

Altair now provides a graphical version of almutil. It provides all the functionality of almutil along with additional views of license usages, etc.