The Chip Structure File and cdt Script

Each design organization has its own way of describing the structure of a chip. For the demo, we have chosen to describe not so much the structure of the chip as much as the type of each block in the chip. We have RTL block, which need to be sythesized, we have memoy blocks, and both soft and hard IP cores.

set listOfUnits { 
    adder  rtl
    alu    rtl
    cpu    rtl
    mmu    rtl
    mmu_x  rtl
    mmu_y  rtl
    emu    rtl
    fsu    rtl
    dlu    rtl

    mem12x128 memory
    mem32x512 memory
    PCI       softip
    USB       softip
    ring      pads
    chip      toplevel

In a similar way, each design organization has its own set of scripts to invoke the steps in the design flow.