Submitted Job Information Display

By default, nc run provides information when a job is submitted.

The following example shows information that is output with a simple command. The amount of information displayed is determined by the verbose level. In the following example, verbose is at the default level of 4.
Note: The environment is set with a snapshot.
% nc run sleep 10
Fairshare= /time/users.andrea
Resources= macosx CPUS/1 RAM/500
Env = SNAPSHOT(vnclogs/snp/joe/macosx/env27227.env)
Command  = vw sleep 10
Logfile  = vnc_logs/20130220/104930.33137
JobId    = 024609542
  • FairShare: the FairShare ranking of this job.
  • Resources: the resources used to run this job: the machine, number of CPUs, amount of RAM, and so on.
  • Env: the environment in which the job was submitted.
  • Command: the command that was used to execute this job.
  • Logfile: the name of the logfile.
  • JobID: the unique identifier of this job.
The amount of information can be changed by setting the verbose level by using the -v option, such as
nc run sleep 10 -v 2
Verbose Level Effect
0 Silent: no output is generated
1 Only the job ID is displayed
4 Default level
9 Very verbose