Autoforget Jobs

The autoforget flag sets up a job to automatically be forgotten by the system after a certain time, (not including suspension time) if and only if the job is done, failed, or idle. Jobs that are scheduled, running, suspended or transfer are never autoforgotten.

Global auto-forget Parameters

There are three different auto-forget parameters:
  • autoForgetValid
  • autoForgetFailed
  • autoForgetOthers
In Accelerator, the autoforget flag is set by default, which can be unset by using the option -keep in nc run. In Flow Design Language (FDL), the variable make(autoforget) controls the flag.
  • The autoforget flag on the job is true
  • The job is done, failed, or idle.

Jobclass Specific auto-forget

  • The job belongs to a jobclass with the AUTOFORGET property set to a positive value.
  • The job is done, failed, or idle.
Note: The autoforget flag on the job is irrelevant.

If a jobclass has a specific auto-forget property, then the jobs in that jobclass will be forgotten after that specified time.

For example, to set the autoforget property on a jobclass called abc, use the vtk_jobclass_set_autoforget API:
% nc cmd vovsh -x "vtk_jobclass_set_autoforget abc 2m"
To disable this functionality for a jobclass, set the value of autoforget to a non-positive value, such as:
% nc cmd vovsh -x "vtk_jobclass_set_autoforget abc 0"

Auto-forget Log Files

If the parameter autoForgetRemoveLogs is true and the parameter disablefileaccess is false, the vovserver tries to delete the log file of the jobs that are being auto-forgotten. The success of the deletion depends on the file permissions.
Note: Accessing files makes the vovserver vulnerable to NFS problems.

Auto-forget Examples

For this example, the default autoforget policy is to forget jobs after 1h. Other jobs in the jobclass "Regression" should be retained for 10days. Submit the jobs with the -keep option (no autoforget flag) and then set the AUTOFORGET property in the set Class:Regression to 864000.
### Done by an ADMIN
% nc cmd vovsh -x 'vtk_jobclass_set_autoforget Regression 10d'

% nc run -C Regression -keep  ./my_test
Conversely, if the retention policy keeps the jobs for a long time (such as 3 days), some jobs in the jobclass "Quick" may be set to be forgotten more promptly, (such as after 5m) of completion. In this case, set the AUTOFORGET property in the jobclass set as follows:
### Done by an ADMIN
% nc cmd vovsh -x 'vtk_jobclass_set_autoforget Quick 5m'