Create Jobclasses

The administrator of Accelerator can define jobclasses using one of the following methods:
  • Logged in as ADMIN, click the Job classes link in the Workload section of the Accelerator main page. This page displays all of the available jobclasses, and allows creating and editing jobclasses, and allows the administrator to designate a default jobclass.
  • Directly add Tcl syntax files in the directory jobclass under the server working directory, which is typically $VOVDIR/../../vnc/vnc.swd/jobclass.

Each file in the jobclass directory manipulates the submission parameters defined in the Tcl array VOV_JOB_DESC so as to define a jobclass. See the following table for the meanings of the items in this data structure. The variable classDescription holds a string used for documentation, i.e. a one-line summary of the jobclass. The variable classEditable holds a boolean value that controls whether the jobclass can be edited using the jobclass web UI page.

An optional procedure initJobClass can be defined to do any initializations needed for the jobclass to perform correctly. Often, this is used to create any Limit: resources that may be used by the jobclass.

The files in the jobclass directory are parsed by vovresourced when it starts, and any initJobClass procedures are evaluated once.

The jobclass definition files are located using a search path.

The built-in search path is computed by a procedure VncJobClassSearchPath, and is shown in the table below.

This procedure adds any directories named by the environment variable VOV_JOBCLASS_DIRS to the beginning of the path, analogous to VOV_ENV_DIR.

This procedure is defined in $VOVDIR/tcl/vtcl/vovutils.tcl. You may change the search path for jobclass files by including a modified definition in vnc.swd/resources.tcl, and also in vnc_policy.tcl, if used. See example.

Search path for jobclass definitions:
#directories named by VOV_JOBCLASS_DIRS