FairShare Parameters

The FairShare system is controlled by the following parameters:
Allow ADMIN to bypass ACL when modifying a FairShare group. Default is 0. Set this to 1 if you want to allow any ADMIN to change any FairShare setting.
Default weight assigned to new FairShare groups, typically set to 100. Can also be controlled by a sibling group called 'default'. In other words, if a new FairShare group is created, its weight will be the same as that of a sibling group with name "default", else it will be determined by this parameter fairshare.default.weight.
Default window assigned to new FairShare groups. Normally the groups inherit the window from their parent of from a sibling group called 'default' ( fairshare.default.weight)
Controls how FairShare ranks are computed. In the following formulas, assume:
  • t = target allocation
  • h = historic allocation in window
  • r = running allocation n
  • d = distance from equilibrium, ultimately used to compute ranking of FairShare groups.
The legal values for this parameter are:
  • If set to 0, compute FairShare distance by a simple difference between actual and target d=(r-t)+(h-t)
  • If set to 1, compute FairShare distance relative to the FairShare target d=((r-t)+(h-t))/t (of course assuming that the target t>0).
  • If set to 2, compute FairShare as a weighted sum of d = (r-t) + α(h-t), where α is the parameter fairshare.relative_alpha explained below
Weight of historic distance relative to running distance in computing value for FairShare ranking, but only when fairshare.relative is set to 2. The default value for this is 10, meaning that history counts 10 times more than current allocation.
Update FairShare stats no more frequently than specified period. The default is 0, meaning a period of 0 seconds which means constant update, i.e. that FairShare stats are updated as frequently as desired. A value of 1 or 2 seconds may improve server responsiveness.
Obsolete, was used to turn FairShare on and off.