Start the Preemption Rule Compiler Daemon vovpreemptd

Note: The following commands must be executed on the host where the vovserver is running.
The daemon vovpreemptd can be started or stopped using vovdaemonmgr.
% vovdaemonmgr start vovpreemptd
% vovdaemonmgr stop vovpreemptd
For debugging, it can be useful to start the daemon in the foreground.
% cd `vovserverdir -p vovpreemptd`
% vovpreemptd -v -v 
Note: When a new instance of the preemption daemon is started, the previously running instance is automatically terminated.

Automatically Start the Preemption Daemon

Note: If autostart scripts are not yet in use, it may be necessary to create the autostart directory as a subdirectory of the .swd for Accelerator.
To start the preemption daemon when the server is started, add the following executable script to the Autostart Directory for Accelerator. It is expected that the lmremove command is available in the path.
% cd `vovserverdir -p autostart`
% cp $VOVDIR/etc/autostart/vovpreemptd.csh .


Main preemption daemon, based on the C++ implementation of preemption.

vovpreemptd: Usage Message
     Main Preemption Daemon, based on the C++ implementation
     of preemption.
      % vovpreemptd [OPTIONS]
     -h      -- This help
     -v      -- Increase verbosity
     -n      -- Normal (no-op)
     % vovpreemptd -h                  -- usage message
     % vovpreemptd                     -- normal start 
     % vovpreemptd -n                  -- same as above
     % vovpreemptd -v -v               -- for debugging