Customize the nc list Command

This section describes how the Accelerator administrator can use the file $VOVDIR/local/vnclist.config.tcl to modify some defaults for the nc list command. This file does not exist by default; it must be created when needed.

Enable List Cache

By default, list results are obtained from the server in real-time. In large-scale workload environments, repeated queries can impact server performance. To reduce this impact, a list result cache can be enabled:
set NCLIST(cache,enable) 1

Configure List Cache Expiration

If the list cache is enabled, list results will be written to a client-side file, and subsequent list requests will be obtained from this file, up to the cache expiration. The default expiration is 30s from creation. After this time, the cache file will be regenerated upon the next list request. To set the cache expiration to a different value:
set NCLIST(cache,timeout,default) 60

Disable Listing by Job Name

Another list operation that can affect server performance in a large-scale workload environment is listing by job name. This is due to the need to compare string values across many jobs. Listing by job name can be disabled entirely by setting:
set NCLIST(listbyjobname,enable) 0