Accelerator and ClearCase: nc run -clearcase

To submit a job in a ClearCase view, use the option -clearcase with nc run.

CLEARCASE_ROOT must be set. Otherwise, the option -clearcase has no effect.
% nc run -clearcase sleep 10
ClearCase presents two challenges for Accelerator when the taskers in the remote machines are not running in any special view:
  • The working directory of the job, which could be within the /vobtree, is likely to not exist on the tasker machine. For the directory to exist, the view must first be initialized. In this scenario, nc run -clearcase submits all jobs from the HOME directory of the user. The actual working directory of the job is stored in the VOV Properties VOVDIR attached to the job. The view name is stored in the property VIEW, also attached to the job.
  • The command needs to be executed in the view context, which is normally done with the following command:
    cleartool setview -exec "COMMAND" VIEWNAME
    As COMMAND can be complex, it is best to wrap it into an auxiliary script. nc run -clearcase is used as a wrapper for the command vw ccexec. The utility ccexec is executed on the remote tasker and performs the following steps:
    • Gets the view name from the property VIEW attached to the job
    • Gets the working directory of the job from the VOV Properties VOVDIR
    • Creates a temporary script in /usr/tmp to change directory and execute the command
    • Calls clearcase setview -exec ... VIEWNAME