Altair Inspire Render 2019.4

Inspire Render version 2019.4 includes the following new features and enhancements.

  • Performance improvements to Construction History recalculation when changing tessellation quality
  • Performance improvements for drawing large NURBS models
  • Added progress bar when starting interactive rendering on large scenes
  • Fixed Tracing Depth to update in Darkroom info
  • Enabled or disabled devices for Presto engine are now saved in Preferences
  • Added Camera Motion Blur % and Shutter Speed
  • Animation has been revised to improve file creation speed
  • Optix denoiser now available for all rendering engines
  • Emitters are now listed in the browser Lights tab
  • Removed shadows from Image Planes
  • Isoparms are now visible in Interactive and Realtime rendering to improve selection visibility
  • Various bug fixes and improvements