Re-Evaluating Geometry

Re-evaluate rebuilds the full model and performs all operations again, replacing any cached geometry in the operator tree. It is mostly used when there have been improvements or corrections in Parasolid (3D modelling engine).

CADFEKO uses and advanced mapping algorithms to keep track of individual items when the geometry is modified. A model re-evaluates automatically when a model is loaded that was created in earlier versions. Resolve any suspect items before making any changes to the model or setting additional properties.

Not all the mapping information is available in models created in earlier CADFEKO versions. As a result, it may be impossible to map all items during the re-evaluation and the items are marked suspect. All properties (such as local mesh sizes) set on suspect items, will be lost during re-evaluation. Faces or edges that were deleted, may re-appear if they cannot be successfully mapped.

It is possible that during geometry re-evaluation, new faults are identified in the model. This is true of models built in previous versions of CADFEKO, or models containing imported geometry. These faults may provide additional information that is useful in repairing a model.