Tasker Configuration Parameters

The following table shows the vovtasker parameters that can be configured. All parameters can be configured with vtk_tasker_config and most parameters can be configured with vovtaskermgr configure ...
Parameter Name Values Description
allowcoredump boolean Allow dumping of core on error (normally off)
capacity non-negative Change number of slots in vovtasker
coeff 0.01 -- 100.0 The tasker coefficient (used to derate power)
debugnuma boolean Print debugging messages about NUMA control
debugrlm boolean Print debugging messages about RLM usage
efftotram   Effective Total RAM
expirelogs timespec Force logs of tasker to expire after specified duration. Default expiration is next midnight
graceperiod timespec Change grace period in case of RLM license unavailability
maxload positive double Change max load allowed on tasker
maxwaitnostart timespec Time to wait before killing a job that does not want to start. Default is 1m.
message,sys message  
message,usr message  
message message  
mindisk integer Minimum disk required in /tmp (in MB) to accept a job
minramfree   Minimum RAM that has to be free to accept a job
name New tasker name Change name of tasker
printstatus 1 Print status of tasker
ramsentry boolean Activate RAM Sentry mechanism
rawpower int Change raw power of tasker
refresh (ignored) Force tasker to refresh environment and clear all caches
resources   Change tasker resources
rlmlicense   Set new value for RLM_LICENSE in vovtasker
shutdowncancel (ignored) Cancel a shutdown order.
taskergroup name of tasker group Change group of the tasker
update   Change update time for tasker (default 1m)
verbose 0,1,2,3,4 Change verbosity level (for debugging)
waitafterjc 0-30 Time to wait after a job control action
waitafterjcext 0-30 Time to wait after a EXT job control action